My name is Marianne Clarke. I own Selston Groom and Train (formerly Wonderland Dog Walking). I provide all services myself, with the support of my husband and daughter.

In 2016 I left 10 years service as a civil servant in Nottingham. We wanted to bring our daughter out of the city and to live somewhere with more greenery and less concrete!

In 2018 I studied dog grooming with Sue Oliver and qualified as a Certified Salon Professional. I now offer a full range of grooming services at my home salon, or in the owners home. I renamed my business to showpiece my new skills.

I set up my business because I am a total animl lover. I have a very strong affinity with animals. I have lived my whole life with dogs, cats, birds, chickens and rabbits. I have a strong instinctive understanding of how animals think - particularly dogs and cats. I have backed this up with a lifetime of reading, plus a range of certificates in dog training, animal psychology and socialisation. I have trained all of our family dogs from childhood to the present.