Grooming is not just for pampered poodles! All dogs can benefit from a visit to the groomers. We offer bath, dry and brushing out for all breeds, as well as scissoring and clipping for the breeds that require it.

We offer a full range of grooming services in our home-based salon in Selston.

We can also offer visits to your home depending on distance.

Most of our grooming services include all of the following as standard:

  • Ears cleaned
  • Eyes cleaned
  • Nails trimmed
  • Skin check
  • Hygiene trim on groin & bottom
  • Hair removed from between toes

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please call 07375 317793

Nail Clipping and foot care

Many owners struggle to clip their dogs nails. We can do this for you from as little as £5. We can also painlessly remove hair from between the toes to stop matting and irritation.

Bath and Dry

If you have a mucky or smelly dog, we can bath and dry him and return him/her to you clean and sweet smelling. Prices start from £15 for small dogs.

De-shedding Treatments

A bath, then a blast with a high velocity dryer which removes huge amounts of dead hair from the coat. We follow this with extensive brushing using the best tools for your dog's coat. Prices from £20

Puppy Introduction grooms

Grooming comes with many new sights, sounds, smells and experiences which can be overwhelming for your puppy. We can provide a gentle inroduction to grooming by slowly building up the experience over 2 - 4 visits. We provide treats and encouragement to help your dog see grooming as a positive experience, with kind and patient handling at all times. Prices from £10 per session

Full Grooms

We are happy to accept all dogs for grooming, young or old, pedigree or cross=breed, sweet natured or grumpy.

We will always discuss with you the best options and follow your wishes wherever possible.

We are fully qualified to clip or scissor your dog to a high standard. Prices start from £15.

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We aim to provide the best equipment and products for our doggy clients. We use a wide range of professional shampoos and conditioners to provide the best possible coat and skin care for every dog.