Puppy Training​

It is wonderful to bring a new puppy home. An 8 week-old bundle of fluff or a 5 month old rescue pup, young dogs are irresistable and wonderful. But it is not always easy teaching a brand new pup the rules of living with humans.

Many people are not prepared for the fact that tiny puppies BITE and it really hurts! If there are children at home, this issue can cause real problems. Housetraining and obedience are also very common problems for new owners. These things can actually ruin the experience of having a new puppy.

Help is Available!

Full puppy training can take between 4 and 7 hours. I provide hourly lessons in the privacy of your home. Whether your pup is 8 weeks or 13 months, he or she will benefit from learning all of the basic commands. I also provide help with manners training - socialisation, toilet training, barking, walking on the lead, food snatching, biting and anything else your puppy needs.

The basic commands your puppy will learn are:


*Lie down



*Up & Off





If you just need help with a specific problem rather than a full course of training, no problem! I book week by week. There is no up-front payment and you can stop whenever you wish. Flexible, friendly help is always just a phnoe call away.


Puppy training is all about positive reinforcement and rewards. There is absolutely no punishment, threat or fear involved for your puppy. Methods involving domination or fear are old fashioned and do not work very well at all.

I offer clicker training or traditional training based on verbal and visual commands. If you decide clicker training is right for you, I provide a free clicker to get you started.

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What our customers are saying

Marianne is such a gentle soul it comes across in the training of my puppy. She didn't just train the pup she also gave us as owners the confidence and know-how to carry on.Would highly recommend Wonderland for puppy training but also helping us owners to train our pups .

Linda Scott